Why you should learn CAD, CAE & Product Development

You can learn in your own pace and some courses are free.

CAD Education

Take an e-course in the market's most popular 3d cad program. Learn Solidworks, Catia V5 and Fusion 360.

CAE Education

Learn the market's best program in cae. We have courses in ansys that you have the opportunity to participate in free of charge. We use the student version on ansys.

Product Development

Product development is a discipline that you can benefit from in all areas. Learn the basics at your own pace. Fun projects where you learn engineering

We are motivated experts in CAD, CAE and product development. We develop courses and think it is very fun to see others grow.
Anna Johnson

Anna Johnson


In my free time I like to photograph and look at art. I am passionate about my job where I think the environment is important.

John Barker

John Barker


I have worked as an engineer all my life and think it's the cold of life. No problem is too big for me when it comes to engineering. I think that mathematics is important that you must not miss.

Lena Wilson

Lena Wilson

Small business owners

When I have time left over, I train with my horse. I think education is important and it should be educational and easy to understand. I think that smart investments such as education can not get too much of.

What do my students think about our education.
Lotta Sad

Lotta Sad

Business Owner

"I got a new job with a higher salary, thanks to a good education."

Tom Neck

Tom Neck

Independent Artist

"I think my education was a smart investment."

Nanna dog

Nanna dog


"It was not only rewarding and high class, it was also very fun and creative."


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