Product Management



What you’ll learn with this course:

You’ll understand the role of a Product Manager as it varies through different sizes and types of businesses
You’ll learn what type of Product Manager position best fits your goals and personality
You’ll learn about the Product Lifestyle and how it can be applied to every product on the market
You’ll learn how to recognize ideas that are worth pursuing and dedicating company resources to
You’ll discover how to get to the root of customers’ pain points
You’ll learn to understand how customers think, and what they need more from your products and services
You’ll learn to assess the core issues customers have and how to solve them with products
You’ll discover how to find your competitors and competing products, and compare them to your own
You’ll understand the full process of customer development and how it’s related to being a product manager
You’ll learn how to find interviewees for user testing, product interviews, and exploratory interviews about products
You’ll learn about how to structure and run an interview with customers to gain the information that you need
You’ll understand how to model your interview questions correctly in order to avoid bias
You’ll discover how to navigate the four primary types of customer interviews
You’ll learn where to find potential interviewees inside and outside your company, so you can obtain the best possible candidates
You’ll learn how to creative personas for potential users, based on data, so you can truly predict what your users need and want
You’ll gain information about how to create user stories
You’ll gain important information about getting potential customers to want to reply to your messaging
You’ll understand how to apply acceptance criteria correctly
You’ll discover which product metrics are best to track and which are best to ignore entirely
You’ll learn to track your metrics with a variety of software products
You’ll discover how to create a plan for building products and developing features
You’ll understand how to create a product backlog, as well as how to prioritize features in development
You’ll understand two primary Agile frames: Scrum and Kanban, and how to use them correctly
You’ll learn the development concepts you need like mobile development, APIs, Front End and Back end, and more.
You’ll understand how to communicate with all stakeholders involved with a product
You’ll learn to understand the basics of Cloud Technology and how to apply it as a Product Manager
You’ll know how you can obtain the relevant experience that you need in order to set your career up for transitioning to Product Management
You’ll learn how to build a professional portfolio that will assist you throughout getting hired
You’ll understand how to brand yourself online for the best possible results during a job search
You’ll understand how to design a resume that will appeal to the hiring manager for a position as a Product Manager, as well as how to ace the interview


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