We are looking for English and Swedish language posts about anything related to 3D CAD software. We are looking for posts that are tutorials, news, and useful hacks. Posts with technical details are encouraged because the audience for our website is sophisticated users of 3D CAD programs, such as:

  • Catia – Catia is a 3D CAD enterprise solution with over 110 million users.
  • FreeCAD – FreeCAD is free, Open Source, 3D parametric modeling software
  • Inventor – Inventor is 3D CAD modeling software made and sold by Autodesk.
  • openSCAD – openSCAD is free 3D modeling software that works on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.
  • Pro/e – Pro/ENGINEER makes and sells PTC Creo Parametric 3D modeling software.
  • Solidworks -Solidworks is a for-pay 3D CAD software.
  • UX – UX stands for “user design.” 3D CAD modeling is used to improve user design.

We give our web visitors helpful, authoritative, and well-researched advice that is useful for those pursuing a career in 3D CAD design. Our posts offer clear, useful, and practical information from those 3D CAD users who are skilled hobbyists and professionals.

Here are our requirements:

  1. Do not submit completed posts without our prior approval. We will not read any unsolicited submissions and do not accept them.
  2. Email a pitch for a proposed post to . The proposal must include a strong, catchy headline, an outline for the post, a list of references, and the rate of pay expected for the post.
  3. Each post must be unique, not published elsewhere, and include copyright free images or links to embedded videos when possible. Do not libel or misstate facts. Avoid religion and politics.
  4. Please read our blog first, before making a proposal to learn the kind of posts that we like. Make sure another writer for our blog has not already covered the subject of your proposal. Propose something new and different. News items should not be older than one month.
  5. Posts should be 500-1500 words.
  6. Use sub-headings and bullet lists where possible to break-up the text for easy reading.
  7. Write in short clear sentences with one idea per sentence. Write directly to the point using active, not passive, verbs. Please avoid run-on sentences and repetition. No fluff.
  8. Use embedded links to other web references that are authoritative. No promotional links allowed.
  9. Have a complete reference list with the direct links to the sources listed at the end of the post.
  10. Triple-check your proposal for grammar and spelling errors. Make it perfect before submitting it for approval.

    If your proposal is accepted, we pay upon publication by PayPal within the same month that the post publishes. Once purchased by us, the post becomes our sole property with credit given to the original author. Three lines of text are available at the end of the post for your author’s tagline, which may include a link to your homepage if you like. We reserve the right to use the guest post in any future publications, including manuals, eBooks, or others without further compensation.

    Once we approve the post, please submit it, on a timely basis, in two formats, MS Word, and a plain-text version that we use for our WordPress blog.

    We look forward to receiving your proposals for guest posts to our blog.