Become a teacher

Becoming a teacher for CAD education, CAE education, and product development is one of the easiest things you can do. Thanks to technology, you can take the course online within a short period, and voila, you become a teacher. We are looking for video courses that students can use to become the market’s best designers. Teachers are welcomed to create such courses and will be compensated for the task.

Get paid to create video courses.

We are looking for individuals with plenty of knowledge in the design field to help other students learn about design. Becoming a teacher will depend on the skills you have to showcase regarding the various design tools. It is such information that will be passed across to the students. Therefore, you need to have many skills in design to become the best teacher. The better your skills, the better the videos you will create.

Our courses are taught online, and they will allow you enough time to create video courses in the comfort of your home. Such provides you with enough time to focus on how to best pass information to your students by creating informative videos. We aim to equip students with the necessary knowledge regarding CAD education, CAE education, and product development. Through the videos, learners will be able to understand the various tools used in the field of design.

Publish your courses

If you have any courses related to design that you have created before, you can publish them and get paid a certain percentage. The design course is diverse, with a lot of tools that the students need to understand before completing the course. If you have created videos on how to use such a tool, you can publish them and share the video’s profit.

Our video courses are carefully chosen by checking their authenticity and the nature of the content included in them. Therefore, students can be assured that the video courses have the necessary information to provide them with all knowledge they need to know about design. Above all, you should have a passion for design to ensure the videos you create are up to the standards of educating learners. Some people are known to learn design as a hobby. Such is an indication of how interesting the field is, and therefore, some learners might want to download the videos and learn design as a hobby.

I am looking for collaboration with educators. Therefore, you can become a teacher to create video courses or publish courses that you had created elsewhere. Once you have published the videos, you will get a share of the profits made. Such will be a great way of earning money from your skills in design.

Becoming the best teacher in CAD education, CAE education, and product development is associated with a lot of knowledge in the field. Learning the market’s best programs might be challenging, and therefore, your videos need consistency. The various tools used in the design programs consist of multiple features that need to be clearly outlined. Without consistency in the video, the learner might not understand all the features, and this would make it challenging for them to use the tools. Our students expect the best from the videos, and therefore, creating the best videos is non-optional. Learners should be able to understand a concept by viewing the video courses.