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Working in the area of engineering requires knowledge of software such as ANSYS Workbench. The virtual simulation software provides academics and industrialists with the ability to create virtual simulations of engineering design constructs for testing and problem-solving. The general-purpose Finite Element Analysis (FEA) can virtually simulate conditions of product operations to optimize the design before manufacture.

This ANSYS software package provides a valuable tool in simulating product design, allowing testing of heat transfer, vibrations, fluid flows, and structural design. Udemy offers a 10.5 classroom hour course for less than $100 that provides you knowledge of the latest version of ANSYS and teaches you theoretical concepts of virtual modeling plus the practical methods needed for successful application of ANSYS.

Through 10.5 hours of on-demand video lessons, you learn every aspect of ANSYS. The course also includes 56 downloadable resources. Your Udemy purchase provides lifetime access on both mobile devices and television. Udemy issues you a certificate of completion upon successfully passing the course. Udemy offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You do not need to have prior knowledge about Ansys Workbench, but you do need to have prior knowledge of materials strength and finite element method. This Udemy course teaches the ANSYS workbench software from scratch. You need to have access to ANSYS Workbench software version 14.0 or higher. The course provides you with all of the essential training to use the virtual modeling software.

You will learn concepts and practical application of FEA, buckling analysis, meshing of geometries, modal, thermal, static structural, and thermo-structural analysis and modeling. The practicums teach you to use the ANSYS mechanical, design modeler, ANSYS engineering data, and other tools in the software. You will learn how to apply the software to complete:

  • static structural analysis,
  • 1-D static, 2-D static, 3-D static structural analysis
  • modal analysis,
  • free vibration analysis,
  • pre-stressed forced vibration analysis,
  • thermal analysis,
  • conduction and convection mode,
  • radiation mode,
  • mixed-mode heat transfer,
  • thermo-structural analysis,
  • buckling analysis including structural and thermal buckling.

The course instruction also teaches how to generate good mesh and why meshing matters. It teaches the Design Modeler Module, a key tool in ANSYS Workbench. It works best for engineers and designers wanting to update their skill set as well as hobbyists.

Senior CAE engineer Potluri Rakesh designed the course to provide hobbyists, engineering students, product designers, and engineers the necessary knowledge to effectively use ANSYS Workbench in applied design. Rakesh teaches at several colleges in India and has authored research papers on composite materials as well as a book chapter on natural composites for a Springer publication.

Employers can choose a Udemy package for bulk classes to train five or more individuals. Each individual who successfully completes the course receives a certificate.

Use this Udemy course to enhance your engineering and computer education or that of your employees. You can access the lessons for as long as you need since Udemy provides unlimited access. This lets you learn at your own pace.


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