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If you want to learn more about software that integrates a wide range of mechanical computer aided design (CAD), product design validation, design communication, product data management, CAD productivity tools, part design methods and much more, then this course is for you. This course has been designed to help you master Solidworks to industry associate level even if you only know the basics of mechanical CAD. 

What You Will Learn

  • Complete Solidworks 2017 
  • Engineering skills
  • How to sketch in Solidworks 
  • How to assemble computer aided designs 
  • How to configure and detail the designs for manufacturing purposes 
  • What configuration management is
  • How to draw quality checking before sending it to manufacturing 
  • How to apply GD&T
  • The different design standards 
  • Angle of projections
  • Part design/model and different drawing comparisons for different design revisions
  • And much more!

What is Included 

This course includes several hours of in-demand video lectures, articles and a number of downloadable resources to help you understand the material better. You are guaranteed full time access to the learning materials and assignments on your mobile or TV. When you have completed your course you will instantly receive a certificate of completion.  


All that you need is the following.

  • Basic knowledge of CAD 
  • Basics of manufacturing 
  • Engineering basics 

Course Description 

This course has been designed to teach CAD skills and knowledge at Industrial level. You will learn how industry projects are executed from start to finish and how to deliver quality products to your prospective clients. Upon completion of this course, you will gain insight into adequate practices on the procedures and materials that are used to create operations that are at industry level. 

The curriculum encompasses a thorough analysis of methods such as Assembly, Drafting and Part Design. Once you have finished every section of the curriculum, you will be able to adopt these design methods and more to align with the needs of the manufacturer. 

While learning designing methods is essential and beneficial to every student who takes this course, an added advantage is that you will be able to also produce automation works as well. 


  • Sketcher. This is the first section that includes learning different techniques such as mouse controls, how to produce different sketch profiles, dimensions and sketch practices. 
  • Part Design. This is a comprehensive curriculum offering that teaches you methods of design for manufacturing, draft modeling, different types of plane creation methods, different configurations and part modeling practice amongst many other skills. 
  • Assembly. From the introduction of design assembly to different patterns in assembly and configurations in assembly, this section offers an array of assembly features. 
  • Drafting/Detailing. You will learn how to select a sheet, its size and standards while integrating assembly drafting and drafting practices. 

This course is ideal for engineers and anyone who is a design enthusiast. 

Additional Features

The course offers advanced functions such as configurations using design tables and methods of product development. 

You will also have access to a range of Solidworks interview questions with answers. 


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