Dassault Systemes(DS) has now augmented its capabilities with another new feature to Solidworks, a faster and more efficient tool.

DS expands its focus on execution, dependability, and optimizing already present workflows to work the precise way you intended.

Here’s a guide to Solidworks 2021 showcasing all the improvements over their last few releases.

Improvement to Computer Graphics Details

Detailing Mode delivers a means to open massive drawings in real-time with no limits to just viewing the drawing. 

Swift view performance comes from SOLIDWORKS 2021 improvements. Creating a new measure is possible through dimensioning and annotating tools. 

This model doesn’t have to be loaded; it can be shared. It has its drawing views and doesn’t lose any detail.

The Proficiencies:

Performance for drawing creation is faster than before. The improvements include creating and editing shapes, adding dimensions, and adding annotations.

Overall: It incorporates refinements to work faster in a large assembly drawing.

Extension of Features

As you use SOLIDWORKS 2021, you will discover additional streamlined tools for assembly, patterning, and analysis.

Now there is more streamlined access to the assembly and feature data for Lightweight components. Automatically loading details from the Feature Manager will now dynamically allow you to access the full sub-assembly or part. 

A new option in SOLIDWORKS 21 allows you to synchronize all instances of a patterned component. It also helps to prevent accidental configuration changes from within the Component 

These new features are:

  1. Fixes light units once they have broadened Feature Tree nodes.
  2. It goes along a chain of points along the way.
  3. Interference-detection reports exported in Microsoft Excel files.

Overall: It designs assemblies for an organized workflow.

Enhanced Assembly Simplification

The ability to save a simplified representation as a configuration within the same assembly was added in SOLIDWORKS 2021. This avoids managing a separate file for the simplified model. 

Now it is as simple as right-clicking on the component and choosing to use the Defeatured version.

Defining an assembly as a set of component configurations (constant parameters) simplifies design and increases performance.

What The Enhancements Allow:

  1. Save as a Configuration.
  2. Easy, simplified text toggling.
  3. A simple configuration

Overall: Works better with simplified assemblies.

Performance Improvements

The modifications comprise faster drawings, better detailing mode, and greater editing proficiency.

Selection, rotation, and fast-zoom make work faster. Assembling and contour perimeters manipulate extra processing for quicker outlines.

Faster file operations, switching, and Lightweight mode resolving, all help in the most complex parts.

You know that much of your speed is determined by the efficiency of the database. 2021 is a performance refinement that makes most of your daily work faster. Faster operations like adding, changing, and deleting files.

Here are some summary points:

  1. Boosted operation for blockage reduction, contour rims, and drawing.
  2. Significant performance modifications from open to shut.
  3. Define circular references.
  4. Adding models to Solidworks PDM vault is faster.

Overall: It speeds up large intricate designs.

New Part Design Rules.

Solidworks 2021 amplifies enhancements to augment the already powerful capabilities. There are more than 60 design enhancements, including improved part edge curves, the ability to define any equation, and enhanced color picking plus:

  1. Function available for over 60 commands in parts.
  2. Surface extrusion for non-planar tangent edge flanges.
  3. Flanges can be flattened.
  4. Ability to add and edit equations in cut lists and properties.
  5. Multiple-level design elements can be transferred when you insert or mirror the part.
  6. Part flexibility helps keep design options open.

UX Improvements

SOLIDWORKS is known for its intuitive and customizable user interface. But with this development, the user base will find it easier to use and more customizable.

You have an improved color picker that can link to other applications.

Customize toolbars allow you to arrange toolbars in any manner, clear out extra space, and semi-transparent dimensions make it easy to select objects on dimension creation.

In the 2021 upgrades, there are now “hotkey” combinations that allow you to access frequently used tools. Select or modify these new features so that you can focus on your design and get:

  1. Color picker tool to select a color from external applications.
  2. An informational dialog box with shortcut buttons and Command buttons.
  3. System feature shows translated feature names in FeatureManager®.

Overall: It saves time and simplifies design tasks.

Better Simulation

It makes it easier than ever to succeed with your Simulation-driven design efforts. The analysis is simplified and more flexible. With accuracy and speed improvements, there is something for everyone.

  1. Mesh diagnostics recognize, isolate and cue at deficiencies.
  2. Faster meshing due to improvements in bonding accuracy.
  3. Contraction through contact stabilization.

Solidworks Flow Simulation 2021 will help you solve CFD problems and improve the way you get project results. Rotating Region simulates the fluid driving motion of rotating components. 

Finally, every aspect of the machine has been optimized to make your experience a seamless one. DS has outdone itself this time around.

There’s also improved electrical routing which allows the routes to be developed with more flexibility. Additionally, data management has been enhanced. 


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