If you are an architect, interior designer, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, or robotics engineer, you may need to learn FreeCAD.

FreeCAD is a 3D design software that allows you to navigate and modify your 3D modeling shape by browsing back into the history and changing the dimensions or elements. CAD means Computer-Aided Design.

You can download this software on the FreeCAD website. Note this program is compatible with MAC, Linux, and Windows PC. It only opens file formats, including popular 3D printing formats such as STL, OBJ, and DAE.

The 3D modeling software is suitable for geometrics design such as technical parts, gadgets, case scale, modeling, etc. furthermore its entirely appropriate for creating organic objects like plants, animals, and humans.

Let dive into how do you use FreeCAD!

FreeCAD creating and editing primitives

To create a primitive, you can either

Option 1 

· Click the ‘create primitives’ button in the toolbar

· Press the section ‘create primitives’ on the menu bar.

Option 2

Looking at the popping dialog, click on ‘first type,’ set its boundaries and position, and lastly, click the ‘create’ button

Note that the dialog stays open in order for you to create more primitives subsequently.

You can edit primitives in two ways

Option 1: using the dialog box

1.   Chose the primitives in the tree and double-clicked it.

2.   Use the same dialog to create the primitives and change the parameters, and you will see a preview of the altered parameters.

3.   To complete the editing, click the ‘OK’ button 

Option 2: using the property editor.

1.   Choose the primitive in the tree

2.   Edit its properties in the property table

FreeCAD subtracts and adding primitives

To subtract or cut the selected part objects, the last one being removed from the first one.  The operation is parametric, and components can be modified, and the result recomputed.

This command is automatic from the Boolean operation.

Select two shape

· Click the part Cut command several ways

· Press the cut button in the part toolbar

· Use the section Boolean cut entry from the part menu

FreeCAD Creating A2D Sketch

To create a more complex design, you can create a dimensional sketch on the X, Y Plane. Then switch to the workbench to ‘part design.’

Note FreeCAD allows you to draw freehand lines using the ‘polyline tool.’ If you draw parallel lines, the program ‘constrains’ instantly for your convenience. You can also add or erase these constraints manually.

Additionally, you can decide the size of each line by highlighting it and select the ‘make a dimensional’ tool. Once you’ve completed that, the program will notify you “your sketch is fully constrained.”

Converting your 2D sketch to a 3D Model

Now your 2Dsketch is ready. It’s time to make it a 3D model. Here is what you need to do.

· Click the ‘close the editing of the sketch’ button.

· Go to ‘tasks’ and click ‘Pad.’ This will automatically turn your sketch into a 3D dimension. (Note that selecting ‘pocket’ removes a 3D shape.)

· Once you see the 3D face, you can select any look and click sketch (the program allows you to go back and forth)

The appearance of your 3D model will be based on your sketch. Then click one face of your drawing and continue with the next illustration. After sketching in a 3D shape, this way of working allows adding from ‘sketch’ to ‘pad.’ Using the new features can help you create complex shapes.

2D advanced sketching

After sketching your 2D illustration, the next thing you need to do is

Move the object to your desired location by selecting the item. However, if there is no object selected, the dialog will invite you to choose one.

You can use several operational tools to move, split, rotate, array, etc., which also work on concrete object arch, parts, partDesign, and many others.

FreeCAD Hand On Exercise

With everything that you have learned now, it’s time to try it on your own. You can select a video on YouTube, search for and exercise on the internet and its solution and follow step by step as you repeat what is shown and what you have learned to create a successful FreeCAD 3D model.

FreeCAD 3D Printing

After creating a successful project, on your PC, the last thing you need is to print the 3D design of your project. All you need to do is

· Double-check for any flaws in your design

· Save your design as an STL file. (note every 3D printing programs has its own rules for ensuring that the file is printable)

· upload your file according to 3D necessities and click print 

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