Many companies are considering the best ways they can be able to extend their service and product offering. With the right product development strategy, success is a guarantee. Successful software product management needs continuous learning. In particular, product managers should break out of technology and stay at the top of their competitors while applying management methodologies. Also, they should know their development team and digital products inside out. Therefore, the best product managers are the ones who realize that they are always learning and attempt to embrace that aspect. Such a case explains why one should look for the best courses to learn product development.

Brand and product manager certification Course

This course provided by Coursera will help you manage products throughout their life cycle and enable you to guide employees on how they can successfully deliver the brand promise. Also, the course will elevate you to a position where you can establish a comprehensive and creative plan to offer your brand strategy a deeper meaning. Further, the course will enable you to define the core metrics for determining product success. In summary, the course will allow you to achieve the following:

  • Define varied elements of brand strategy
  • Mapping your portfolio so that you can maximize its value to boost growth
  • Develop a system so that you can incorporate future brands and products.
  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of product strategy.

Digital product management certification

This is an extensive program provided by Boston University, where you can learn strategies for managing the launch, development, and growth of digital products so that you can advance your career in product management. The major modules you will learn in this course include business analytics, driving digital innovation, strategic social medial marketing, agile and system design thinking, and lean product management. The course is a deal for you if you wish to enhance your career in product development. The key components that you will get to learn to include:

  • To pitch and communicate the advantages of products to external and internal audiences
  • Perform lifecycle services and management, including pricing and versioning.
  • Optimize and track social media metrics to oversee the launch of software and products.
  • Learn to handle the software, tools, and methods needed to develop products and manage them smoothly.
  • Explore the processes and principles to develop product road maps.

Product strategy by Kellogg School of Management

Suppose you are involved in making product launch decisions, updating existing products, or you are part of the people who undertake the product lifecycle from inception to launch. In that case, the product strategy course is the best for you. The course will impart skills for developing and managing products driven by technology. Even if your firm does not deal with technological solutions, learning more about technology is very critical. In this case, you can use technology in your current processes to improve and scale your products. Therefore, if you are an executive or product manager that deals with product development and management, this is one of the best courses you should learn to empower your firm digitally. 

Key topics you learn:

  • You will explore industry examples of how various companies such as Cisco, Microsoft, Uber, and Apple develop and manage their products.
  • Understand varied business models, their pros and cons.
  • Equip you with skills to identify loopholes in your current product lifecycle so that you can update and optimize it.

Becoming a product manager by LinkedIn

Most LinkedIn accounts holders do not know that these social media channels provide numerous free online courses. When you complete the Becoming a Product Manager course, you will be equipped with the best overview of the aspects needed to be the best product manager. The topics you will learn to include:

  • Different types of roles in product management
  • Differences between product and project managers
  • The title of a product manager
  • Customer development
  • Types of phases in the product development lifecycle.
  • How to design and run experiments
  • Ways of monitoring your competitors

Product management courses will help provide you with official certificates, which attest to the knowledge you have in product development. The courses vary, but most people will seek to only develop the core competencies in product development to be successful in their areas of jurisdiction. The guide above can help to decide the best product course that suits your needs.


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